See, hear and feel how it all got started!

Many of those who witnessed The Beatles perform live on the Ed Sullivan show February 9th,1964 were inspired to become musicians. The feeling a musician gets performing on-stage is a true gift.

Performing in a technically challenging show portraying The Beatles is something few can do well. It takes dedicated musicians that are able to replicate their distinct sound, mannerisms, energy and charm. Over the years the members of 4 Lads from Liverpool have been dedicated to perfecting their craft. It is the right mix of intangible qualities and chemistry that sets them apart from other Beatle tribute bands.

The Beatles changed the way we all listen to music, and to pay homage to their craft and to ensure authenticity, a great deal of time was spent on researching the rich history of the group and the era they helped define. It was a moment in time that is seared into our hearts and minds - the era of war and peace, violence and free love. The message of love that came out of their music is universal and has stood the test of time.

The cast of 4 Lads from Liverpool is a lineup of professional, veteran musicians who share a rich history.

John Lennon, portrayed by Peter George, has toured with several Beatle shows such as BackBeat and Twist and Shout. George Harrison, portrayed by Jimmy Pou, toured the world with the original Beatlemania show. He has also played with 1964 the Tribute, Beatlemania Now, and Rain. Paul McCartney, portrayed by Jon Perry, is a naturally left handed guitarist and has toured with British Export and Yesterday. Finally Ringo Starr, portrayed by Rolo Sandoval, is a founding member of The Fab Four.

The show takes you through an epic journey that begins in the early days in Hamburg, Germany and the Cavern Club in Liverpool, then fast forwards to the Sgt Pepper era and beyond. Paired with an amazing multimedia experience, you get to see, hear and feel how it all got started. We know you will love this presentation of an era that was shaped by these "4 Lads From Liverpool".

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